Planet Clark Neighborhood Outreach Trailer

Planet Clark was founded to create jobs by giving the public easily accessible information and resources to help them save energy, build and remodel healthy, sustainable homes, and soften the impact on our environment and the community.

In that spirit, the Planet Clark demonstration trailer was conceived, outfitted and officially launched in 2011. It was made possible through the generous contributions of expertise, equipment and materials from more than 20 local contractors and private businesses, including Parr Lumber. Clark Public Utilities and the Energy Trust later provided financial contributions to keep it rolling with enhanced exhibits and more resources.

In 2013, Planet Clark’s demonstration trailer made 14 stops at various venues, including home shows, the Clark County Fair, and elementary schools. Trained staffers engaged almost 3,300 visitors in discussions about building safety, energy efficiency, green building and remodeling, indoor air quality, recycling, stormwater management, sustainable living, water conservation, weed management, and more.

The trailer has hands-on exhibits, full-size equipment and a plethora of resources that include:



  • Building safety and smart construction
  • Sustainable building materials wall
  • Kitchen counter and cabinets
  • Smartwater heat pump water heater
  • Lighting comparison lab with a watt meter
  • Power generation game
  • Solar electric (photovoltaic) panel
  • Permeable pavers for clean water filtration
  • Clark County Clean Water stormwater pollution prevention
  • Waste Connections mix and match recycling game
  • Green Neighbors Connect and learn how to live green in your neighborhood

Not just for adults, the Planet Clark trailer is also a great place for kids to see, play and learn about the environment inside and outside our homes. From the “where does your stormwater go?” and energy efficient lights comparison interactive exhibits, to our Win-A-Duck game, which accompanies the trailer to many events, there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy.