Homeowner’s Resources

We have put together a list of free downloadable publications along with links to websites and videos for homeowners.house on hill

Air Leakage

Energy Star – Seal and Insulate – Advice and publications on insulating and air sealing your home

Reducing Air Leaks (PDF) – Homes can have air leaks that easily add up to the equivalent of 21″ by 21″ window open to the outside year round.

Emergency Preparedness

Are You Ready? A Citizens Guide to Preparedness

FEMA Earthquake Response and Recovery

Government and University Sponsored Natural Disaster Preparedness Links (via US Alarm)

Emergency Supply Checklist (PDF)

FEMA Emergency Financial FirstAidKit (PDF)

Preparing Your Pets for Emergencies (PDF)

How to Make an Earthquake Preparedness Kit (2:11 min)

Learn about the 2001 Seattle Earthquake (9:41 min)

The Cascadia Subduction Zone is an earthquake fault line that lies a few miles offshore and stretches from Cape Mendocino, CA all the way to British Columbia. See the Cascadia Earthquake Model (3:09 min)

Energy Efficiency

Energy Savers Booklet – tips on saving energy

Energy Savings Calculator

Energy Star – Energy saving products, home improvement ideas and information, and much more

Energy Star Home Energy Yardstick – Assess your home

Energy Star Refrigerator Calculator – Estimate how much your refrigerator is costing you

Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency

Indoor air quality

American Lung Association Health House

Healthy Indoor Air (PDF)

EPA Indoor Air Plus

In Home + Garage (PDF) – Safer alternatives to cleaning products

National Center for Healthy Housing

Carbon Monoxide

Consumer Products Safety Commission

US Environmental Protection Agency – Carbon Monoxide


EPA’s Citizen’s Guide to Radon

Radon Test Kit

US Environmental Protection Agency – Radon


Healthy Home Maintenance Checklist (PDF) – A simple yet thorough checklist

Recycling and Disposal

Dispose of Household Hazardous Waste

Recycle Your Electronics


Connecting Your System to the Grid

Small Solar Systems

Solar Electric Design, Operation and Installation (PDF)

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