Planet Clark is a public-private outreach and education partnership group that is based in Clark County Community Development.

Our mission is to provide useful-actionable information to the people in the SW Washington area on ways to protect their family's health and safety, their homes value, their budgets and the environment.

Planet Clark has a wide range of partners that include our local utilities Clark Public Utilities and Northwest Natural. Our local private business partners give us a range of expertise and resources that are unparalleled in most outreach programs. They provide goods and services that can make your home safer, healthier, energy efficient and much more. Visit our partners page to learn about how the Planet Clark partners can help you.

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Energy Efficiency

Your house is a system. How and where it sits on the property, known as ‘siting’, determines how it will be affected by the seasons and weather. The walls, roof, floor, windows, doors, and insulation make up the envelope of the structure. The heating and cooling, ventilation, and ductwork should work well separately and together […]

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To increase comfort and save on your energy bills, it’s necessary to assure that the outside elements like air and water don’t find their way into your house. The first step to weatherization is testing for air tightness. A professional blower door test works the best. However, you can self test to find major air […]

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Indoor Air Quality

The average American spends over 90 percent of their time indoors, where the air can be five times more polluted than outdoors. Homes have become more airtight in an effort to save energy, and as a result we have trapped pollutants inside. Follow these steps for healthy indoor air Eliminate The number of products commonly […]

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Energy Detectives

Clark County kids can learn about what energy is, how we use it in our homes, and what we can do to save energy. Using an infrared camera and hand-crank generators for interactive learning, third through fifth grade students are trained as  Energy Detectives. Planet Clark staff bring this one hour program to Clark County schools. Each Energy […]

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